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Here is a small selection of Original Images created by some of our American Artists.

Please note, these paintings are not for sale.


Christmas Cardinals by Cindi Bernhardt

Spring Bouqet by Cindi Bernhardt

Tranquility by Antonio Davis

Safe in the Harbor by Dennis Francesconi

Lady Liberty by Dennis Francesconi

Summer Beach Ball by Dennis Francesconi

Flower Still Life by Dennis Francesconi

Peaceful Dawn by Ron Heagy

Day’s Catch by Chris Kuster

Irises by Chris Kuster

Springs’ Bough by Doug Landis

Snow Leopard by Doug Landis

Quiet Winter by Jesus Montoya

Woodland Path by Jesus Montoya

Waiting by Bill Morales

Holiday Treasure by David Nolt

Hidden Balcony by David Nolt

A Walk in the Woods by David Nolt

Country Meadow by David Nolt

Silent Waters by Mariam Paré

City Shadows by Mariam Paré

Christmas Serenity by Mariam Paré

New Love by Sara Jane Parsons

At Peace in Nature by Michael Platzer

Winter Gathering by Michael Platzer

Humming Bird by Ray Robbins

Drifting by Tony Ryals

Coming Ashore by Tony Ryals

Lighthouse by Donna Smith

Bluebird and Cherry Blossom by Alana Tillman

Golden Sunset by Alana Tillman

Holiday Fun by Dale Tabor

The Old Grain Mill by Dale Tabor

Americana by Dale Tabor

Farmer’s Bounty by Chris Tynan

Harvest Gathering by Chris Tynan

Season of Peace by Brom wikstrom

The Harbor Shore by Brom Wikstrom

Joy to the World by Brom Wikstrom


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