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MFPA in the USA

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists has been operating in America since 1961. The American publishing house, originally located in Buffalo, New York, moved its offices to Atlanta, Georgia, in July 2000.

The American MFPA is a member of the International Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, which conducts its affairs from the headquarters in Liechtenstein. This location was originally chosen because of its neutral role in post-war politics, its central position in Europe and the advantages of the internationally acceptable Swiss Franc.

The managing board of the Association makes all of the important decisions and oversees the work of the few able-bodied administration and professional staff employed by the organization.

The Association’s administrative costs are closely controlled, amounting to approximately eight percent of its annual income. A small number of able-bodied staff are employed to look after marketing, distribution and those matters with which the disabled artists need expert advice or cannot physically cope themselves.

There are currently 52 disabled artists working in the United States, 5 of whom are full or associate members.

Silent Waters

Mouth-painted by Mariam Paré

“I love nature. I love the challenge of a still life with light and mood. I do like to paint things that instill happiness and joy in people” – Mariam Paré

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